Renshaw Farms Love Stories
                                        Jason Renshaw and Jamie Brestensky ~ December 31, 2016

It's finally our turn to share our love story. I laugh a little inside because I don't think a few years ago we thought we would be here. But here we are, just a few short days away from our wedding day. Originally, our story began back in kindergarten when we first met each other, but we only just realized how much we loved each other a few short years ago. So here's our love story...
It all started back in December of 2013. I had been Christmas shopping all day at the mall, not realizing it had been snowing all day. When we left, I dropped my mom off at her house and decided to try to make it home. I did pretty well until I came to the hill where Jason lives. Although cars were passing me going up the hill, I was stuck. Jason still says he's thankful for the bald tires on my van. I laugh at that! The only thing I knew to do at that moment was to call Jason and ask him for help. I remember that conversation, as he laughed at my situation over the phone. But within a few short minutes he came down the hill in his big John Deer tractor and pulled me home. (God works in such wonderful ways.) After offering to pay him for all his help and trouble, he only insisted I buy him a beer sometime. So a few short weeks later, as my family went out for the holidays I asked him to meet me for that beer I owed him.....and he did. We talked and laughed and reminisced about all the years we shared together in high school and how we even went to the same college. That moment lead to 11 more times we went out, but only as friends. It was pretty hard for the both of us to take that extra step when we had been such good friends for so many years. Then in August of 2014....yes, 8 months later he finally leaned in and kissed me. And I kissed him back! After that we became inseparable. We made our relationship official on October 26th, 2014. We shared a wonderful year and 4 months making memories as a couple, then on Valentines weekend, 2016, he took me away to Seven Springs where we shared a wonderful few days together. On Valentines night he took me out for a romantic dinner and on the balcony he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. We are so blessed to have shared a life time of memories together already. We cant wait to spend the rest of our lives growing old together and making new memories.

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                                                 Tom Yeager and Kristen Olinski ~ April 22, 2017

We met living in the same town in 2010. However, it wasn't until a Christmas party in 2012 when our relationship began. I was there for a girls night out with no intention of finding someone after many failed first dates. Tom stopped by the party alone after being out with friends. My friend knew he was recently single and suggested I talk to him. After catching up, Tom told me to call him if I ever wanted to hang out - “leaving the ball in my court” as he says. Luckily, I called the following week and we went to see my friend’s dad play guitar. He picked me up and we danced all night. Since then, we simply never stopped going on weekly date nights. 
Christmas morning 2015, Tom gave me my stocking to open last. Inside was a note that said "Look out the window at the patio!!!" Upon opening the curtains, I saw he had spelt out "MARRY ME" in colorful paper chains- the kind kids make to countdown the days until Christmas. He and his daughter Paiton had secretly been crafting them. When I turned around, Tom was on one knee with a ring asking, “Will you marry me?” Immediately, I said “Yes!,” Tom and I truly cannot wait to celebrate our marriage and next chapter in life with our closest friends and family!

​                                                         Bob Hetzel & Erin Rozum ~ April 29, 2017

Bob and I dated 6 years ago, we ended up going our separate ways after a few months but always managed to keep in touch. In June of 2015 Bob messaged me and asked how I was doing and if I wanted to go out, of course I said yes and we have been inseparable ever since. In March of 2016 we went to Florida to visit my dad, Bob had never been there so on our first night I took him to the beach...... To my surprise he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I couldn't have been happier, I was going to get to marry my best friend and love of my life! I found Renshaw Farms online and had to go see it, everyone told me to see other places but once I went there I knew this was the place we had to get married at!! Here we are a little over a year later and everything is planned and we are getting married April 29, 2017!!
Ryan Nix and Amber Voit ~ May 6, 2017

Ryan and I went to high school together and knew each other since then but kind of lost touch for a few years. My junior year of college Ryan started coming up to IUP (where I went to college) on weekends to visit mutual friends. We hung out a few weekends in a row and things just clicked! 

We had been together a little less than 4 years when he proposed. Ryan made dinner for us one summer night and popped the question in the middle of dinner. I was totally caught off guard and had no clue!

Ethan McCormick & Hannah Cooper ~ May 13, 2017

I got stationed in Missouri in December of 2014. Shortly after, in the summer of 2015, Ethan arrived at the same base. By August, Ethan and I were set up on a double date by our two good friends, which is when it all began. From that day forward Ethan and I haven't spent more then a day apart from each other. Within six months Ethan had taken me to St. Louis for a weekend getaway to see one of our favorite bands in concert. This is where he proposed in front of the gateway arch. Ethan and I are ecstatic to finally be getting married and starting our life together.
Jesse Mcintyre and Nicole Balentine ~ May 20,2017

Jesse and I have been together almost eight years. We both went to Freeport High School but didn't realize it until I turned sixteen and started working at the Giant Eagle where he also worked. We met there and discovered we went to the same school; the very next day we saw each other in the hallways after every class! It's amazing that we'd never ran into each other before then as Freeport is a pretty small school. From then on, we were inseparable and spent most of our time together. I knew there was something very special about him from the time I met him, he just had this personality that kept drawing me to him and it didn't take long to realize that he was in my life to stay. After I graduated high school, I went off to college at Slippery Rock University. We survived the somewhat long distance relationship for four years while I got my degree and he was working full time. On April 8th 2015, he popped the question and I said yes! Shortly after, we bought our first house in our home town, where we currently live with our three fur babies. Now, here we are after a two year engagement, ready to say "I do"! Jesse and I are so eager to start our lives together as husband and wife, and see where this next chapter takes us, with the first place being our honeymoon in Disney World! 

Ben Magdinec & Kayla Shaner ~ May 27, 2017

Ben and I met while attending Edinboro University. Ironically, he graduated from Highlands HS and I graduated from Leechburg HS. We joke to this day that our hometowns our separated by a river and we met 2 hours away. Our first date was 11 years ago on Valentines Day. A few days prior we were at a party and Ben asked me to dinner. I reluctantly said yes. I remember being incredibly nervous. I only knew him to say hi and had no idea how the evening would go. I stressed over all the unimportant things - what do I wear, what color eye shadow do I put on, do I wear my hair up or down, what if he tries to kiss me?! 10 minutes into the car ride to dinner, I quickly realized that I was stressing over nothing. We had an amazing evening that turned into our 11 year journey together. Ben proposed on December 17, 2015 over dinner in our home. It took me by complete surprise. I suspected nothing and was overwhelmed with excitement. We are looking forward to continuing our journey together has husband and wife.
                                        Andy Urey & Laurin Brunner ~ May 28, 2017

Although they lived no more than 20 minutes apart for the first 22 years of their lives, their paths never crossed. It was not until Thanksgiving eve of 2011 that they met for the first time. Andy was home on leave from the Navy, out with friends and Laurin was out with a co-worker. Both groups ended up at Primanti Brothers in Grove City, PA. Andy's now best man Corey was buying a round of shots for the guys, Andy saw Laurin across the bar and asked Corey to add one more to that order and had it delivered to Laurin, who instantly gave it to her friend and did not drink it. Andy made sure that he would get a chance to show Laurin his dance moves at some point in the night, and boy did he. Little did he know what that would lead to. Fast forward to July 2, 2016 Andy and Laurin were living in Washington, DC and were celebrating their anniversary, Andy had setup a horse ride in Northern Maryland. The ride started , Andy unlike himself was very quiet and seemed to have something on his mind. One hour into the ride they came upon a meadow and were instructed to get off the horses so that saddles could be checked. Andy wandered out into the meadow and asked Laurin to follow. Laurin could not stop talking about how beautiful everything was, Andy asked her to please be quiet and dropped to one knee and asked her to Marry Him! After realizing this was actually happening Laurin excitedly said yes. The two finished their ride and returned to a very nice picnic Andy had arranged with a few friends. The day worked out exactly how he imagined and was everything she wanted.
                 Allen Townsend & Charleen Palermo ~ June 3, 2017
                                            David Bollinger Jr & Rachel Thomas ~ June 10, 2017

Our story started when we were pretty young, I was 15 and Rachel was 13 years old. We met and got to know each other well because Phil (my best man) and Cari (Rachel's cousin, and now maid of honor) dated on an off throughout high school. I knew I really liked Rachel from the start. I often annoyed Cari by asking her about Rachel all the time, and would beg her to put in a good word for me. It must have worked because eventually at 19 and 17 years old we started dating. Thanks for the good word Cari! Things just clicked for us and we fell in love. After being together for 5 years we purchased our first home. I proposed in May 2015, and she said YES! Obviously. We set a wedding date for 8-27-16, but in November 2015 (9 months before the wedding) we found out Rachel was pregnant, with TWINS! We were ecstatic, and overcome with joy, but we had to set our wedding date back a year. (Thanks to Renshaw Farms for allowing that!) On June 23, 2016 our beautiful daughters, Carolina and Cordelia, were born. Our home is now filled with twice the love and excitement. Rachel and I have never been happier. We are beyond ready to finally make our love and dedication to each other and our family official!
                                                  Travis Brocious & Kayleigh Costanzo ~ July 1, 2017

Travis and I met in April of 2012 at our friends house. Little did we know that two of our groomsmen set us up to meet each other. We officially started dating on July 4, 2012. It was obvious to us that we were meant to be together. On May 25, 2015, after a fun weekend at camp with all of our friends, Travis took me to the overlook in Cook Forest and asked me to marry him! We are excited to continue our journey together as husband and wife!
                                          Justin Ross & Chelsey Kriley ~ June 24, 2017 

Our story began the summer of 2007. Justin and I were both at my cousin Johnny's graduation party. I met him through his best man. We started hanging out immediately after that. We started officially dating August 27, 2007. The funny part is we had met numerous times before we actually started dating because he is best friends with my cousin who is like a brother to me, Harry Eakman. He was the next door neighbor to him and that is the same house I spent a lot of my early years in. Since then we have been inseparable. Justin had planned a trip to Niagra Falls where I thought he was going to propose, little did I know the trip was a distraction. On November 13, 2015 we rode up the Pittsburgh Incline to the most amazing restaurant, Monterey Bay Fish Grotto. He tried to propose numerous times on the most windy day over looking the city. He popped the question at the overlook of the incline. I went to go back In to ride the incline down and he pulled on my hand when I turned around he was on one knee! It was the best day of my life to know that I would have my best friend for the rest of my life. It was the most beautiful scene over looking the city night lights. Not only was that amazing but he followed it up with tickets to the Penguin game. He treats meet like a queen and thinks of every little thing to make me feel that way! I can't wait to marry my best friend in 5 days.

Marshall Cuomo & Kaitlyn Meyer ~ July 15, 2017
                                                    John Daniels & Carly DeMao ~ July 8, 2017

John and I (Carly) met in the Spring of 2014. By October of 2014 we made it "Facebook official". Our relationship was long distance for the first 9 months. John lived in Charleston, WV and I was living in Pittsburgh, but never missed a day of conversation since the day we met. By June of 2015 John had gotten a job in Pittsburgh and he moved to the area. On Black Friday 2015 without my knowing John bought my engagement ring, the surprise was let out of the bag when I accidentally left the paperwork somewhere in the Charleston my defense I didn't know it was in the bag. We now joke that Black Friday is our favorite day. On Christmas Eve of 2015 we broke the news to our families that we were engaged!
John is a huge WVU fan and myself being a Penn State Alum, we enjoy tailgating on Saturday mornings in the fall to cheer on the Mountaineers and hanging out with our Furbaby Babs, the Bloodhound. We can't wait to become the new Mr. & Mrs. Daniels and celebrate our big day at Renshaw Farms with all our family and friends!