About Renshaw Farms
                                                      Est. 1834
Renshaw Farms was established in 1834. Since the beginning the farm has raised dairy cattle in South Buffalo Township, located in Freeport, Pennsylvania. The Renshaw Family still live on the farm today, but the farm business has changed since the 1800s.   The family farm of Bill and Judy Renshaw is well known today for other amentities other then dairy cattle.
Jason and Joshua Renshaw, sons' of Bill and Judy currently raise grass-fed Black Angus Beef on the farm.  Other livestock are also raised on the farm for their annual Pumpkin and Christmas Festivals they hold each year in the months of October and December.  It is there, that their family and friends gather together to host thousands of people who come to visit the farm. During the festivals, guests enjoy a tractor ride to the pumpkin fields to pick the largest pumpkin they can find or visit with Santa and Mrs. Claus around our 12 foot Christmas tree.  Jason and Joshua also plant all the crops on the farm for the yearly festivals. Guests come from all over to visit the annual festivals each year.  
Renshaw Farms is also well know for their weddings held on the farm.  Judy Renshaw, had a vision long ago about hosting weddings on the farm, where nature paints a beautiful scenery all by itself.  Judy started the family wedding business back in 2008, when they started with just family and close friends gathering for small ceremonies and receptions at the quiet and breath-taking farm.  It since has grown, as others heard of the farm as a possible wedding site of their dreams.  Jason and Josh decided to build a new building in 2013 which would hold weddings as large as 300 guests.  Today, Renshaw Farms hold weddings all year round.  Each year new amenities are added to the business.  
Today, our family is growing in size.  Bill and Judy's hard work ethic and love of farming has been passed down to each new generation of children on the farm. Today you can find our kids running barefoot on the farm, playing with baby animals and fishing at the pond. They also have a love of learning for each part of the farm, such as planting, feeding, riding tractors and helping with events at the farm.